Breakthrough AI-driven drug discovery

Better tech for better patient outcomes

Entos pioneered quantum AI, revolutionizing drug discovery by deepening the exploration of chemical space

We illuminate novel chemical matter to unlock better development candidates.

We drive to clinic faster through our high-throughput discovery platform.

Accelerated molecular design

Powerful simulations

OrbNet uses quantum features to
produce 1000x acceleration in
quantum mechanics calculations

Data-efficient ML

Proprietary quantum features lead to
100x reduction in data requirements
for ML property prediction

Automated chemistry

Automated synthesis and experiment
guided by ML, driving continuous
model improvement

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Our Mission

Entos is revolutionizing drug discovery through technology

Our team collaborates to build next-generation technologies
Our goal is to empower each other to do our best work
Our vision is faster, safer therapeutics discovery
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Jeanne Grover
Director, Finance & Operations
Shane Yost
Applications Scientist
Elizabeth Ter Sahakyan
Lead Product Dev Engineer
Wallace Derricotte
Research Scientist
Feizhi Ding
Senior Software Engineer

Join us as we change the game in drug discovery

We are rapidly expanding our team and are hiring experts in medicinal chemistry, discovery biology, automation, and machine learning.

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Entos presents preclinical data on its first clinical candidate

Entos' presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)  highlights the preclinical data for its first clinical candidate, ENT-H1, generated using its proprietary AI-driven drug discovery platform.

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