Tim Cernak joins Entos as CSO

Tim brings unparalleled expertise in drug discovery, synthetic optimization, and data science

Entos, Inc is delighted to announce that Tim Cernak has joined the company as Chief Scientific Officer. Tim brings unparalleled expertise in drug discovery, synthetic optimization, and data science.

Tim Cernak, Ph.D. started his career at Merck & Co. in 2009. During his nine-year tenure at Merck Research Laboratories, Tim made significant contributions in oncology and metabolism drug discovery. Tim was a key member of the Merck team that developed revolutionary techniques in reaction miniaturization and parallelization. After serving at Merck, Tim became an Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan, exploring the interface of chemical synthesis and data science.

"Entos has realized a step change in the discovery of molecules that society needs. The technologies deployed at Entos leave me awestruck in their accuracy and speed. The Entos team will swiftly address contemporary health and chemistry challenges and I am honored to join them."

- Tim Cernak, CSO of Entos

Entos is committed to developing world-leading technologies for molecular discovery, and boasts a wide range of existing and evolving partnerships in the pharma and chemicals space. Tim brings an unparalleled combination of high-throughput experimentation, modern drug discovery techniques, and data science. His scientific leadership will be a driving force for innovation at Entos.

"Recruitment of world-class scientific leadership is essential for the achievement of our ambitious goals at Entos. Nobody embodies this better than Tim Cernak, who will accelerate our progress and help shape our future as a discovery company."

- Tom Miller, CEO of Entos