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Entos is made up of an awesome team of scientists, engineers, and business specialists, supported by our distinguished Scientific Advisory Board and Collaborators.

The Entos team

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Peter Bygrave

Lead Software Engineer

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David Cerutti

GPU Software Engineer

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Robert Chandler

Data Engineer

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Anders Christensen

Machine Learning Researcher

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Reinaldo Daniswara

Backend Software Engineer

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Feizhi Ding

Lead Software Engineer

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Thomas Dresselhaus

Software Engineer

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Sam Engel

UI Software Engineer

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Jeanne Grover

Director of Finance and Operations

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Grace Harders

Frontend Developer

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Fred Manby

Cofounder and CTO

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Tom Miller

Cofounder and CEO

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Stephen Munoz

Applications Scientist

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Nhu Nguyen


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Snehi Pachchigar

Cloud Engineer

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David Sehnal

UI Engineer

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Krishna Sirumalla

Machine Learning Researcher

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Daniel Smith

Principal Software Engineer

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Jason Swails

Lead Software Engineer

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Elizabeth Ter Sahakyan

Product Development Engineer

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Matt Welborn

Principal Scientist

Scientific Advisory Board

Frances Arnold's profile picture

Frances Arnold

Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2018, Linus Pauling Professor at Caltech, and Member of the Alphabet Board of Directors

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Connor Coley

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Derek Lowe

Director in Chemical Biology Therapeutics at Novartis, and author of the In the Pipeline blog at Science Magazine


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Anima Anandkumar

Bren Professor of Computing at Caltech

We are a rapidly growing team!

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For support and general enquiries, please contact us through help@entos.ai.

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