Accelerate molecular discovery with physics-based machine learning.

Our technology enables thousandfold speed-ups in molecular prediction with transformative improvements in accuracy.

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Protein and molecules

Machine learning with quantum featurization

  • Achieve 1000-fold speed up in quantum molecular simulation with OrbNet, without compromising accuracy
  • Use the power of quantum featurization to generate accurate property predictions, even with small datasets
  • Work with us to build predictive models while protecting your IP through anonymizing featurizations
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Qcore: physics-based simulation engine

  • Use Qcore to efficiently perform a full range of electronic structure calculations and simulations
  • Run DFT, fast semi-empirical methods, robust geometry optimization, ab initio dynamics, and properties
  • Integrate Qcore into complex workflows, running locally, on a server, or deployed in the cloud
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Qcore and Envision on a MacBook

Entos for education and academic science

Our technology is applicable to


New ML models can replace DFT in pharma, with 1000x speedups

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Understanding energy flow in collisions of hydrogen on graphene

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Multiscale condensed-phase simulation for polyolefin catalysis

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